Everlasting Sympathy


No matter the circumstances, when someone we love passes, it is never an easy time. In a time of grief and sorrow, it is important that we do our best to remember the good times we had with this person and try to celebrate their life. Unfortunately, the seemingly impossible task of planning the funeral ceremony is on the family of that loved one, which is why we at 1-800-Flowers Carle Place in Carle Place, NY, have come up with some ideas to make your loved one's ceremony more of a celebration of their life and keep their memory everlasting.

When planning a ceremony, flowers are always a beautiful direction to go when deciding how to decorate. We recommend the Peaceful Prayers Serenity Angel Arrangement White. The Peaceful Prayers Serenity Angel arrangement has a stunning yet subtle look to it. Placed in the center of this arrangement is a white ceramic angel statue that will make for a beautiful keepsake you can keep in your home in memory of your loved one.

Depending on how many people you expect to be joining you in celebration of your loved one, it might be a good idea for you to create name tags for guests. Oftentimes, at these ceremonies there are guests from all points of our family member's life and many have never met one another or don't remember each other. A name tag with how they met the deceased can help guests to grieve with one another and share stories and memories they have of the times they spent with their friend, colleague or family member.

Putting together a guest book with pictures of the deceased and places for guests to write notes and their favorite memories with them will help start the ceremony by having guests think of the good times they shared. The guest book will also make for a great keepsake for the family to reminisce and can be passed down through generations in remembrance of our loved one. For example, grandkids that might not have had the opportunity to spend time with their grandparents, when they're older, this guest book could be a great way for them to find out about who their grandparent was and all the people that they came across and loved in their lifetime.

While it's never easy losing the ones we love and planning the funeral ceremony might initially seem to make the grieving process harder, take it as an opportunity to give them one last celebration and remember all the good things they accomplished in their life. Think about everything and everyone they loved in their life and include them in the celebration. We at 1-800-Flowers Carle Place in Carle Place, NY, hope our advice, ideas, and suggestions helped you. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you and are always here to offer our skills, services, and expertise to the best of our abilities.

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